Monday, 28 December 2015

All good things must come to an end

8 Years of amazing sessions, on and off building, constant changes and numerous paint jobs, the veg plot turned concrete bowl is gone. 2 and a half days of sledging and rubble slinging was all it took.
Massive thanks to Nick for helping me take the bowl out, Tom and Nick for helping build the thing, my folks for letting me put it in their garden and thanks to anyone who traveled to check it out and skate it. Until the next one.....

Shallow end and coping gone after the first day

Barbed wire rebar

The morning of day two. All that was left was the deep end. By 5 o'clock that evening it had been reduced to rubble and chucked in a skip.

Heres all of my favorite photos from the bowl and the shed ramps. Photo credits go to Gaz T, Tom Illsley, and mainly W.F.Moore.

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